Yes, Even 2020 Has a Silver Lining 

Yes, Even 2020 Has a Silver Lining 

December 31, 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 was quite the year!

With it came an unprecedented amount of stress and difficulty for everyone. There have also been silver linings that have come out of all the hardships we have endured.  

Many devastating events happened throughout this year. From fires that ravaged Australia and California, to record high unemployment and the global pandemic…not to mention one of the most contentious elections in American history. 

There’s no denying the number of challenges, suffering, and loss we have all experienced in 2020. 

However, there have also been positive outcomes alongside the challenges: 

The new work-from-home model

work from home

The shutdowns at the beginning of the year forced businesses to create more work-from-home options for employees. 

Yes, there was barely any time to adapt to operating remotely. But, you can significantly cut your overhead costs when you run your business online.

Another benefit that came from the shutdowns is a new work-from-home model. Replacing the traditional office space with a flexible, family-friendly model.

In fact, studies are suggesting that companies will continue to offer more work from home options for their employees long after the pandemic ends. 

The silver lining being seen around the world: cleaner air

A global-scale silver lining from the shutdowns and the work from home model: Major reductions in air pollution.  

Scientists are studying our air quality and they’ve found that “industrial soot, tailpipe emissions, and greenhouse gases have plummeted to levels not seen in decades.” Even in the most polluted areas of the world, the skies turned clear and blue. 

This year, the world came to a standstill during the pandemic, but now we’re all breathing cleaner, less polluted air as a result.

A silver lining for all animal lovers: empty shelters 

silver linings from 2020

Speaking of adoption, if you’re an animal lover, then this silver lining is sure to bring a smile to your face: For the first time since opening their doors, animal shelters were completely adopted out. 

That’s right, more animals were rescued from the shelters during the COVID pandemic than ever before. All across the country, from New York, Chicago, to California shelters were emptied out, and all their animals found homes. 

With most of us stuck at home for the majority of the year, there was a perfect opportunity to add fur members to the family.  

More time to focus on family and home life

This year all of our busy schedules came to a halt. With canceled events and challenges with travel, we’ve all spent more time at home with our families. 

There’s been more late-night movie marathons, game nights, and lazy pajama days. 

The increased focus on family time, and specifically family meals together, has proven to have a positive outcome on a child’s diet and behavior and is expected to improve their relationships throughout their life.  

The pandemic caused all of us to be more innovative, which sparked new technology 

The difficulties we’ve faced this year have been eased by new tech that’s inspired by the challenges brought on by the pandemic. 


We’re seeing a surge in modern technology that’s playing a crucial role in keeping businesses open during mandated shutdowns.

While you’re probably familiar with video conferencing and chat tools, a new innovation taking communication technology to the next level is Voice Channels

Voice channels are real-time audio streams that let you work as closely as you would at the conference table. 

If you’re a gamer, then you already know how voice channels make collaboration possible from anywhere in the world. 

Whether your team is remote or social distancing in the office…voice channels are giving you back easy, casual conversations. Online business tools like voice channels have literally saved millions of jobs this year. 

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

2020 is the most difficult year in modern history and COVID-19 has caused terrible suffering.

But, we found positive ways to keep living, working, and connecting with each other despite the challenges from this year. 

This is perhaps the greatest silver lining from 2020, that even through great adversity the strength of the human spirit was unbreakable. Hopefully this coming year we can make positive changes, without so many hardships.