Instant collaboration with your team

Nothing compares to the collaboration you get with Zellim’s Chat & Voice channels. You’ll have your entire team on hand and more communication options than any other platform. Choose whether to do a quick check-in, share screens, and files, or open voice channels and work through your projects together while also sharing your screen.

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Introducing Zellim Voice Channels
Instant Micro-Meetings at your Fingertips!

Chat and communicate using Voice Channels from any browser & any device

With voice channels there’s...

-No need to pick up a phone and make a call
-Or play endless games of phone tag
-Or type out a text or email
-Or even walk to your coworker’s office or cubicle

Chat & Voice Channels
Zellim is Bringing Back Productivity With a Vengeance

Accomplish more with Zellim! A virtual workspace so connected and collaborative, you won’t miss the office.

All the tools and features you need to get the work done, in one affordable app!