Simplify Your Meetings With Zellim’s Conference Dashboard

Simplify Your Meetings With Zellim’s Conference Dashboard

June 1, 2021

Can you imagine driving your car without a dashboard? It wouldn’t be possible for you to drive safely if you didn’t have every function you needed in reach and easy to find.

Dashboards can also make a significant difference when utilizing any software or tool. Especially when it comes to adopting new technology. Zellim’s Video Conferencing feature automatically sets up a dashboard for each conference room you create. 

Video conferencing has played a major role in helping businesses keep their doors open through the pandemic. We’re seeing more innovative communication software hit the market as a response to all the global shutdowns. 

Of course, it’s not just businesses relying on video conferencing, video chat has also allowed families to celebrate together virtually and stay connected. This is why Zellim created a video conferencing dashboard, to make it even easier for people to collaborate with their team and stay in touch with their families.

Here are all the features of Zellim’s conference dashboard and how you can use it to simplify your work and personal meetings. 

Check Your Meeting History Right From Your Dashboard

Dashboard meeting history

If you charge hourly rates, then Zellim’s meeting history is going to make running your business so much easier. 

By clicking on the meeting history tab on your dashboard, you’ll see all your past meetings organized for you. It’s easy to see who you met with, the date, time of day, and the length of your meeting.  

Being able to access your meeting history at any time with a simple click of your mouse will simplify your billing process.

Recordings and Transcriptions From Past Meetings

Dashboard recordings

Video conferencing has become a popular way for teams to communicate while practicing social distancing. But, with millions of people working and teaching their kids from home, getting the entire team together for a video meeting can be a challenge. 

By recording your daily meetings, you can make sure that even when the whole team isn’t together, everyone is still on the same page. And, since most workers are dealing with pretty chaotic home life during their meetings… Using transcription is a simple way to avoid any confusion, and you can easily access all your recordings and transcriptions organized and ready to go on your dashboard.   

All your meeting recordings and transcriptions

See Your Upcoming Meeting Schedule From Your Dashboard 

Meeting schedule

With Zellim’s Dashboard, you have your meeting schedule at your fingertips. You can easily plan out your week, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a meeting.

All your upcoming meetings will be mapped out for you so you can stay on top of your schedule. You can easily see the day and time of your meeting, along with the name of the person your appointment is with. 

Everything you need, right where you need it

The way we work has changed. You need a safe place to stay connected to your family, friends and your team. Which is why Zellim has added an exclusive 2nd layer of encryption to their Video Conferencing tool, making it the safest app to date. 

Zellim’s Video Conferencing Dashboard puts all of the features you need, right where you need them. Start your FREE trial today and see for yourself what pure productivity feels like!