Preventing Unwanted Meeting Intrusions Just got Easier!

Preventing Unwanted Meeting Intrusions Just got Easier!

May 26, 2021

No one wants to deal with an unwanted intrusion during their video conference meeting. Most of us won’t even answer our phones if we don’t recognize the number, right?. So, if you’re still using video conferencing tools that are frequently being disrupted, it’s time for a change! 

With so many businesses, schools, and families relying on video chat, it’s no wonder there have been so many issues. Cybercriminals have had their fun taking advantage of any system weaknesses and creeping into places they’re not welcome. 

Even our highest level of government is not immune to these attacks, last year a crucial meeting held by the US Federal Government on women’s rights in Afghanistan was hacked at least three times. 


Unfortunately, these culprits can search the internet the same way some telemarketers dial random phone numbers. But, there are a few things that can prevent these break-ins, and using encrypted software is one of them.

What is encryption? 


Wondering how encryption keeps you and your personal information safe?  Encryption essentially scrambles your data so that only authorized users can see it.

You probably encounter encryption daily because it’s what protects your email, your banking transactions, and your passwords. Encryption is basically a mathematical algorithm that takes your data and turns it into an indecipherable code. Only the person with the right key, i.e. password, can unlock or unscramble the code.

Did you know encryption was used by Julius Caesar to hide messages from spies? In fact, cryptography goes all the way back to the Egyptians. 

There’s one platform that’s giving you the highest security available by using not just one, but 4 separate layers of protection… 

Zellim Productivity Suite

Zellim is an encrypted platform that combines more than 5 apps worth of tools into one very affordable platform. You can save heaps on monthly subscriptions to apps like, Click-up, Zoom, Calendly, Slack, Skype, etc. You’ll have everything you need to get all your work done in one place.

Zellim includes productivity and communication tools like: 

  • Video Conferencing with 4 levels of security including password-protected meetings, lobby permissions, software-to-server encryption, and our exclusive participant-to-participant encryption making it virtually impossible for someone to crash your meeting!

  • Project Management with customizable views, including our exclusive Treeview

  • Team Chat where you can share files & data and tag tasks and people

  • Zellim’s exclusive Voice Channels(audio streaming) for flexible communication options

  • Calendar, so you can sync all your different calendars into one and automate scheduling

  • Document Vault with 2-factor authentication to store all your important information

While all of Zellim’s tools are encrypted through the platform, our conferencing feature offers 4 levels of security giving you more protection than any other video conferencing app on the market. 

Zellim’s Video Conferencing Feature

Here’s a breakdown of the security built-in to Zellim’s Video Conferencing Feature:

  • Lobby Permission – With Zellim, you get to set up and name your conference room(s). You can edit the settings on your meeting rooms to require lobby permission that will only allow authorized users to access your room. 

  • Password Protection – Anytime you start a meeting, you have the option of setting a password so only authorized users can join your meeting. 

  • Platform Encryption- Zellim’s Video Conferencing feature is part of an encrypted platform. 

  • 2nd Layer of Encryption- This is Zellim’s exclusive security feature, a 2nd layer of encryption (participant-to-participant) makes it impossible to hear or see anyone in the conference without this security feature enabled. When you  activate this feature, it scrambles the audio and video streaming of the meeting host and participants. Only those participants using this unique encryption feature can hear or see what’s going on.

Worried that the extra security features will affect your user experience? You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Added Security Features + User-Friendly

There’s another feature unique to Zellim that’ll upgrade your video conferencing experience… a conference dashboard! 

With Zellim, you can set up as many conference rooms as you need. Each room will have a unique custom URL that you create, making it very easy for people to meet with you. 

You can start a meeting from your dashboard with a simple click of your mouse. You can also click on your meeting history, see your upcoming schedule, and grab any recordings and transcriptions… The Dashboard makes using Zellim’s video conferencing feature about as simple as it gets. 

100% Crasher-Proof? 

Unwanted intrusions

Zellim’s Video Conference feature is NOT 100% crasher-proof because that’s actually impossible

… Anyone claiming to be impenetrable is not being honest. 

However, when you use Zellim’s optional 2nd layer of protection and add lobby permissions and password protection, you get the most secure option on the market. 

Bottom line: Zellim has made it very, VERY hard for an unwanted intrusions to happen during your meetings. 

Zellim utilizes the latest technology to prevent intruders. The entire platform was built with your privacy in mind. 

You’re already dealing with a pandemic, you don’t have to put up with your video chats being crashed too.