Managing Your Projects & Team With Zellim’s Exclusive Treeview

Managing Your Projects & Team With Zellim’s Exclusive Treeview

July 9, 2021

Introducing Treeview, the newest way to organize and manage your team, projects, and life! Chances are you don’t know much about Treeview, or at least not yet. That’s because Treeview is only found on one platform, Zellim.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

 – Henry Ford

Managing a team can be challenging. How well your company performs and its overall success usually depends on how well your team works together and how productive they are. 

But, even if you’re not managing a team, everyday of your life is a project. Using Zellim’s  project management tool will help you organize your time and accomplish more everyday. 

What exactly Does an effective Project Management Tool do?

Project management tools make it easier for any individual or team manager to organize and manage their tasks effectively. Here’s a breakdown of how an effective project management tool can benefit you: 

  • Organization

If you’re a project manager then you already know that successfully laying out a project is one of the most challenging tasks you face. When you are also dealing with a remote team or outsourced help, planning out every task can be tricky. With Zellim, breaking down and assigning tasks is simple. 

  • Project Oversight

When you have to sift through hundreds of tasks to review your project, your valuable time is  wasted as you shuffle through. Zellim’s Treeview allows managers to quickly view which team is assigned to different aspects of a project and visually assess which tasks  are on track and which tasks have fallen behind.

Managers can leave simple voice message comments, attach files, create a checklist, link the task to a Group or Contact, add subtasks, and embed Google docs, sheets, or slides. All of these features help a manager ensure the successful, on-time delivery of a project.

  • Accurate Time Estimates

Achieving your ROI can be a tricky proposition, but with Zellim’s time tracking and timesheet feature you can easily manage the capacity of your resources and ensure there are no cost overruns.  

Overseeing a large project can be a daunting task. By using a project management tool, and specifically one that offers Treeview, makes completing projects on time and on budget simple. 

  • Delivering Feedback Utilizing Zellim’s Treeview

Providing feedback to your team and driving overall task completion is critical to achieving your project ROI. Zellim’s Project Management tool allows you to drive the project and provide honest feedback in real time without the stress of difficult confrontation. This one simple feature helps to improve team morale.

Treeview is a Step Up From List View

You can use Treeview to simplify sitemaps or as an alternative for a menu control. It’s the next generation of at-a-glance project management. Similar to List View, Treeview is very intuitive and straightforward to use but also offers a much simpler visual oversight.  

With Zellim’s Treeview, you can quickly view tasks, then expand to see related sub-items in folders. Filter through tasks quickly for a visual representation of the project. Add to this our bookmarked custom queries and suddenly large projects are far more manageable for teams as well as project managers. 

Treeview Bookmarked Custom Queries – Another Zellim exclusive

Custom Queries will save you and your team a ton of time and frustration and will cut down on project overruns. They allow users to search using filters & save multiple queries for later. This feature is a game changer in project management. 

Most systems allow for the user to utilize filters to locate information. With Zellim’s Custom Queries feature, you are bookmarking your queries. So, you could create a query that includes all tasks assigned to you that have a priority of high, urgent or critical. 

This means that each morning when you get to your desk, you simply click on that particular custom queries to see a segmented list of what you must accomplish. Now…multiply that query by as many queries as you need and imagine how much time you will save!

Voice Channels & Chat are Set Up Automatically with Every Project

Without a solid foundation of team communication, it’s nearly impossible for your team to collaborate. 

In fact, a survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each cited an average loss of 62.4 million per company. 

When you create a new project in Treeview (or any other view option including Kanban, Timeline, & Listview), Team Chat & Voice Channels are automatically set up for you. You and your project members can instantly start collaborating by: 

  • Opening your Voice Channel, sharing your screen, and working through projects together
  • Tagging team members & tasks in Chat so messages don’t get lost in your Chat channel. 
  • Having quick daily check-ins
  • Keep channels open as you work so you can collaborate like you would side-by-side but from anywhere. 

With Zellim’s Team Chat & Voice Channels there’s no longer a need to try and track down people, or send your remote team to a video conference. You simply click a button and collaborate!

Treeview Project Management for Personal use

You don’t have to be running a team to benefit from using a project management tool. Every single day is a project. Whether you’re a teacher, a stay home parent, a full-time writer, a contract worker, etc. organizing your time and your tasks will greatly improve your productivity.

With Zellim you can create to-do lists, notes, and tasks for yourself. Mapping out what you have to do each day, week, and month will help you be realistic with your daily workload so you don’t feel overwhelmed by what you have to accomplish. 

Zellim has Everything You Need to Make Work and Life Easier

Zellim is more than just a Project Management tool with the exclusive view options like Treeview, it’s an entire platform of tools designed to make work and life easier!

Zellim’s US based, encrypted platform includes Video Conferencing with double encryption for more security than any other app. Team Chat and Voice Channels for more flexible, instant communication options for family, friends, and teams. Document Vault with two-factor authentication, automated Appointment Calendar, Groups, Notes, and more.

Give it a try! 

You can try Zellim free, no credit card required. No subscription you have to remember to cancel. Just unlimited access to all our powerful features. 

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