Project Management Tools are Coming to the Rescue

Project Management Tools are Coming to the Rescue

February 11, 2021

We’ve seen so many shortages this year and in the business world productivity and communication are at an all-time low… But, project management tools are coming to the rescue. 

We’re all dealing with a massive amount of stress and strain from the public health crisis. The effects of Covid-19 are taking a mental toll, so It’s not surprising that productivity and communication are being heavily affected. 

The actual numbers are pretty high, according to research by the Society for Human Resource Management, 71% of businesses are struggling to adapt to remote work, especially in the areas of productivity and communication.

Because of the shutdowns at the beginning of the year, nearly half of all American workers are now working remotely. 

And those of you who’re working in the office are having to deal with social distancing restrictions. Between the masks, plastic shields, and 6ft apart distancing, office communication has never had so many barriers. 

Fortunately, we’re also seeing new tech coming out that’s making it easier to stay connected from anywhere. Project management platforms are connecting distributed teams and giving them the tools they need to collaborate and be productive… even in a pandemic.

Here’s how project management tools are coming to the rescue right now: 

Project management tools give remote workers a virtual office space

The new office

The office is not the only workspace that’s changed due to the pandemic. Most people no longer have the support systems in place that they need to have quiet time to work from home.

With schools moving to remote learning and childcare facilities closing their doors. Parents are dealing with a collision of work and home life like never before. 

Even work-from-home pros are struggling to find motivation and keep up their productivity. 

The right project management tool can help you organize, plan, and prioritize your projects so you can get back to delivering your best work. 

Here’s what an effective project management tool will do for you:

  • Integrate all your work interactions into one collaborative workspace
  • Provide progress tracking visualizations 
  • Clarify task assignments
  • Facilitate file sharing
  • Give you real-time project collaboration 
  • Secure your documents  

Project management tools give you back a sense of the office, even in the most chaotic home environment. 

Optimizes your team’s collaboration

If you’re a business owner and you want to generate more clients, profits, and scale your business… You have to coordinate your team. A well-coordinated team that knows how to collaborate is one of the greatest assets you can have.

Project management tools eliminate confusion and unify your distributed teams by:

  • Organizing tasks 
  • Keeping track of all progress, communication, and files in one place 
  • Clarifying responsibility and delegating workloads
  • Boosting collaboration in and out of the office. 
  • Giving you a visual report of all project progress and timesheets

When you improve your team’s communication and collaboration, the productivity within your company can go up by 25%. When your team is working together, you have the resources you need to get an edge on your competition and become a leader in your industry. 

Project management tools support consistent communication

Zellim project management tool

It’s safe to say that the changes in the workplace caused by Covid-19 aren’t going away anytime soon. Whether you’re at home trying to balance the integration of work and home life, or you’re social distancing at the office… Communication is no longer as simple as it used to be. 

But, a new tech called voice channels has just been introduced into some project management platforms. Voice channels are helping to bridge the communication gap and introducing some normalcy to your team by creating online “watercooler” communication. 

Voice channels are bringing back consistent, personal conversations and replacing formal meetings. micro meetings. With the click of a button, you can open a live audio stream with your team members and have micro meetings throughout the day, or just leave them on and work as you would sitting next to each other. 

Unfortunately, very few project management apps have integrated voice channels into their platforms. The good news is that Zellim offers Voice Channels and automatically sets up voice channels & chat for every project.  

Project management tools with integrated voice channels could be the end of the communication drought in your business. 

Which Collaboration Tool is Best For You?

Now, how do you decide which project management tool is best for you? 

Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Cost: Most collaborative tools charge a monthly fee. Look for a collaboration tool that gives you the most features for the best price. 
  • What’re the needs of your team: What’s the size of your team? What does your team setup look like? Do you have people working remotely and in the office?
  • Set up time: How long will it take to implement the new software? Is it an online platform?
  • Learning curve: How user-friendly is the app? Is it going to put your team through a time-consuming learning curve? 

Despite the world being turned upside down, project management tools are making it possible to stay connected and productive again.