Avoid Self-Sabotage by Adopting New Business Tools

Avoid Self-Sabotage by Adopting New Business Tools

January 4, 2021

Are you a small business owner who thinks new office technologies aren’t for you? 

If so, you’re almost certainly “self-sabotaging” your business, and you’re not alone. 

Many small businesses are intimidated and likely to turn away opportunities to upgrade their tech, preferring to stick with their ABCs of business rather than growing with the needs of the market. After all, their ABCs have kept them afloat so far, right? 

But the thing is, the world is changing fast and so are consumer expectations. Big business has the tools to quickly adapt to these evolving needs, while small businesses like yours are often left behind. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be a step behind the Fortune 500 companies. 

It all starts with recognizing…

Self-Sabotage is Real

Every time you buy into fears about new business tools, you’re entering a competition with big business with one hand tied behind your back.

It’s that simple. 

Roughly one-third of small businesses are behind on their tech. They rely on online tools that don’t truly optimize them when they could be harnessing innovation to turbocharge their growth. Even though using productivity and communication software can increase sales conversion rates by up to 300%  (Source: Cloudswave)

They’re burying their heads in the sand. That strategy doesn’t work for the ostrich and it won’t work for you. 

How to Avoid Self-Sabotage in Your Small Business 

  • Embrace new tech, It’s here to help.
  • Believe that you and your business deserve the same advantages that big businesses have because you do.
  • Recognize that now is actually the best time to implement the latest technology. 

Think of how challenging it will be to implement good business practices after you’ve started expanding. Shudder. Do it now and poof, problem solved.

So, let’s dive in! Here are some questions and concerns we see all the time from entrepreneurs and small business owners.

QUESTION 1: I’m Not Tech-Savvy! What are Business Tools Anyways?

Not tech savvy

Excellent question! Business tools help you organize, analyze, and respond to the needs of your business. Among other things, they can:

    • keep track of calendars and provide a simple appointment set up without tons of phone calls and telephone tag. 
    • offer a way to meet with prospects and clients from anywhere such as video conferencing and video chat. 
    • provide collaboration tools so you can easily communicate with your teams through chat and voice. 
    • simplify task and project management through quick and easy workflow setup and team communication from anywhere.
    • keep everything organized and easy to manage.
    • categorize contacts and contact data  

Business tools, like productivity suites, are an empowerment tool for understanding and serving the people who keep your business going, and a one-stop-shop for making sense of your streams of data. Sound good? Let’s move on.

QUESTION 2: I Feel Like Digital Business Tools Just Don’t Work. Will a Productivity Suite Really Work for Me?


The truth is, not all business tools are created equal, and some business tools are just not worth it. But the best ones work smoothly, easily, and effectively. They make your life easier—like “feet on a desk” kind of easier! 

QUESTION 3: I’m a People-Person! Will I Lose that Personal Touch Using the Latest Business tool?

People person

What is the biggest advantage a small business has over large corporations? Simple: you know your customers. We’d never suggest anything to jeopardize those critical relationships. The right kind of business tool can actually deepen those bonds.

An effective productivity suite that offers communication tools will keep you connected to your consumers even as you build—which is no small feat. It will give you tools to be as productive and personable in your interactions as possible. 

Think of it as the secret weapon of the people-person. 

In a recent survey, 98% stated that video conferencing helps with relationship-building inside and outside the company (Source:Lifesize)

When looking for the right business tool, make sure that video conferencing is offered. This tool will allow you to keep your personal connection with customers alive and well! It’s also a ‘super tool’ when it comes to increasing sales!

QUESTION 4: I Don’t Have the Budget for Productivity Suite! How Can I Spend Money Now Before I Make Money?

If there’s one thing we understand, it’s that a small business doesn’t have unlimited resources. Our research shows that many entrepreneurs and small business owners lose sleep over whether they’ll make enough to keep their business afloat for even the next month. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to choose between making money and having a productivity suite! 

We believe that success should be attainable for everyone, not just the elite few! A feature-rich productivity suite should be affordable for everybody

Let’s keep the big corporations on their toes, shall we? 

QUESTION 5: I Don’t Have the Time to Learn How to use a new Business Tool! What Do I Really Lose by Doing Nothing Now?

Short answer: A LOT! Here’s the longer answer: committing to a business tool today will give you back time, streamline your life, and enhance your relationships with customers, prospects, and employees. Surely you can make time for that, right?

You work hard, but what are all those long hours and sleepless nights worth if you’re missing project deadlines, playing endless games of telephone tag, and reciting the same sales pitch over and over again when you can automate some of your daily grinds and free up your valuable time? 

That’s time you and your employees could spend innovating, creating, and expanding. The choice is yours.

How You Can Find Your Best Business Tool in Only 21 Minutes

By changing your approach and following these 6 simple steps, you will immediately unlock your small business potential…all in the same amount of time that it takes to grab a cup of coffee!

STEP 1: Look for the Right Tool Designed for a Small Business and Team Like Yours!

  • The right CRM is affordable and has the right features to take you to the next level in your business.

STEP 2: Look for a tool that offers features that will help organize, automate, and simplify your daily grind. Here are some stats to help you with this process: 

  • 77% of high-performing projects use project management software (Source: Workamajobs)
  • 94% of businesses say video conferencing increases productivity
  •  89% agree that video conferencing reduces time to complete projects or tasks (Source: Lifesize)
  • ‘Online scheduling will change your business. The ability to book an appointment from your website will make a huge difference in appealing to potential clients.’ (Source: Locallogy)
  • 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

STEP 3: Is the Tool Easy to Use? 

  • It needs to be! You want a platform that is intuitive and user-friendly but that can also pack a punch. 

STEP 4: Contact Customer Support! See if They Respond!

  • A professional support team should be there for you when you need them. No machines, no automated responses. You need to know that if you have a question, they will walk you through how to use the platform, resolve any issues you’re encountering and do it with a smile, always! 

STEP 5: Set Up a Free Account and Try Out Your Productivity Suite and Business Tools!

  • For those of you dipping a toe in the water or if you’re in the planning stages of your launch, you should test-drive your new productivity suite risk-free, without spending a dime. 
  • If you love it then you can upgrade to a paid plan. Make a package selection based on your current needs and make sure they don’t lock you into an annual fee. 

STEP 6: Remember How You Felt When You First Started Your Business! 

  • Dream again and grow your business with your new tool! It’s time to show off your new and improved business for the world to see!

Why “Self-Sabotage” is Just a State of Mind

All it takes is a simple paradigm shift and your “self-sabotage” days can be over. The moment you say goodbye to your fears and misconceptions about using a new business tool, that’s the day your small business can really take flight!

Why 2021 Actually Matters: 

Business tools

It’s a new year! Consumers are changing, businesses are adapting, and technologies are flourishing. Do you want to spend this exciting era—when the entire business world is on the precipice of change—using the same old tactics and disjointed tools that haven’t worked well for you so far? 

We didn’t think so.

There are better options out there for you. Find a business tool with easy-to-use, affordable technology options to simplify your life and your customers’ lives, and one that meets the needs of this new decade. Let your productivity suite features do the humdrum work for you, so you can do the work that only you can do.

Overcoming self-sabotage is as simple as setting up a free account. Once you’ve empowered your business and taken the mindless clutter off your desk, your new decade can really begin.

Sign up for the right productivity suite today and take control of your time, your business, and your future. Trust me, you won’t look back. 

Zellim Suite is a technology solutions company based out of Lehi, Utah. Zellim offers a secure, encrypted, all-in-one Business Tool Suite platform that is ideal for remote work during this time of quarantine. For more information, visit Zeillm at https://zellim.com