5 Ways Voice Channels are Solving Problems for Businesses

5 Ways Voice Channels are Solving Problems for Businesses

December 14, 2020

Voice Channels are helping businesses bridge the communication gap brought on by the global pandemic.

In a matter of a few short weeks, the pandemic changed the way thousands of companies operated because of social distancing restrictions and shutdowns. 

These massive disruptions meant businesses had to quickly establish an online operation to support full-scale working from home. Even now with businesses returning to the office, in-person communication and collaboration are not the same with social distancing restrictions.  

There’s no denying the toll the pandemic is taking on the business world… But, nothing sparks creativity more than adversity.

Moments of crisis throughout history have led to some of the greatest innovations, Economic Historians say that the most technologically progressive decade of the 20th century happened in the 1930s… The same time as The Great Depression. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic shut-downs came a new inspired tech, Voice Channels

Voice channels transmit your voice in real-time and have continuous and personal communication with your team. It gives you the same side-by-side collaboration you get sitting around a conference table, but from anywhere.

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With all the disconnect, teams need an easier way to communicate so they could collaborate the same way they did when they were in the office in the same room.

Voice channels are bringing back some normalcy for your workers by creating virtual watercooler conversations at a time when the need to connect, share ideas, and support each other is critical.

Here are 5 ways voice channels are solving problems for businesses in this pandemic world. 


1. The latest work-from-anywhere technology.

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When government-mandated shutdowns occurred at the beginning of the year, business owners everywhere had to quickly adapt to operate remotely. 

The demand for work-from-anywhere software skyrocketed. Fortunately, modern communication technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected no matter how far apart we are.  

Voice channels are helping to bridge the gap of our new social-distancing world.

2.Connection on a whole different level.

While chat tools have given people a quick, straightforward way to communicate with each other…Voice channels take instant communication to a whole new level. 

Voice channels give you the same screen sharing technology as some chat software offers, but with the ability to also speak as your sharing. 

You’re able to quickly problem solve, brainstorm, and collaborate without leaving the project you’re working on, typing out a message, or opening a video conference.

3. Work as closely as you do when you’re sitting next to each other.

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Voice channels allow you to work closely with your team and project members. You can instantly connect with live audio and keep the channels open as long as you need to. Communicating as easily and quickly as you would working side-by-side. 

Some people might argue that technology doesn’t take the place of face-to-face interaction… 

But, as the pandemic continues to linger on with no clear end in sight, we will continue to see innovations in technology enabling us to have better relationships, collaboration, and communication from anywhere in the world.

4. Voice Channels are innovating both the remote workplace and the office workplace. 

Even though the changes in the workplace due to Covid-19 aren’t going away anytime soon, voice channels support both in-person and remote communication. 

While voice channels are part of an evolution of tools filling in communication gaps of distributed teams, they’re also an essential part of streamlining your team’s collaboration in the office.

Voice channels may shorten or even eliminate the need for long meetings because they keep the dialog alive long after your team leaves the conference room.

5. Voice Channels are an affordable way to master collaboration with your team.

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What makes an innovation truly impactful, is how accessible it is. If it’s not affordable, then it’s not within reach of most people… especially right now. 

With voice channels being new to the business world, there’s not a lot of platforms out there that offer them. But, if you want to advance your team’s communication, try this platform.

Humans have an inspiring way of using hardship and crisis as a catalyst for great change.

By utilizing the creative innovations happening during this time, you can make sure that you don’t just survive the hardships… You overcome them by focusing on the opportunities that will help you thrive. And, the only way to win in this pandemic world is to master collaboration while keeping your team safe.