Zellim gives you 5+ powerful collaboration and productivity tools in one place

Our intuitive platform helps you stay focused and organized so you can build a thriving real estate business from anywhere.

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Zellim Video Conferencing

The Zellim Productivity Suite is built on a secure, encrypted, US-based platform.

Our Video Conferencing feature makes it easy to connect with your team, brokers, and clients wherever you are. You can record, create transcriptions, and access your meeting history with a simple click of a button from your conference dashboard.

With Zellim there’s no downloading necessary! You and your contacts can access your conference rooms via your vanity URL, our FREE Zellim Chat app, or Zellim Mobile app.

Whether you need a virtual conference room to strategize with your fellow realtors or a safe way to have one-on-one meetings with your clients, Zellim is here to support you.

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Video Conferencing

Zellim Chat & Voice Channels

You’ll find multiple people behind the scenes of every real estate transaction and collaboration is the key to making sure your clients always get the best deal and have a smooth purchase or sale experience.

Since the start of the pandemic, collaboration hasn’t been as easy as it used to be. Zellim’s Chat & Voice Channel feature is helping people work closely again.

Voice Channels create a real-time audio stream that allows you to instantly work together without having to start a video conference.

Our Chat & Voice Channel Tool allows you to:

  • Create different channels to stay in touch with your top mortgage lenders, appraisers, insurers, etc. so you can smoothly transition through the buying & selling process.
  • Instantly respond to and message clients to keep them updated.
  • Share documents and files, record audio messages, and share your screen instantly.
  • Use Voice Channels for quick check-ins with your team and clients.

We know that you need collaboration that fits into your flexible hours and changing schedule. Zellim has the perfect solution to keep you connected.

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Zellim Chat & Voice Channels

Zellim Project Management

Being a real estate agent or broker requires constant juggling of a million different things in order to meet the needs of your clients. Zellim’s Project Management tool is designed to keep your work organized, on track, and your entire team in sync.

  • Create and assign tasks to help you stay organized and productive
  • Track all your sales and listings through every stage of the process
  • Easily manage your farming projects to streamline your progress and develop new buyers and listings

The real estate industry can keep you on your toes with unexpected repairs and last minute offers, but Zellim is here to streamline your workload so you can close deals faster.

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Zellim Appointment Calendar

With real estate, there’s no such thing as traditional office hours which means your free time is more important than ever. The Zellim Automated Appointment Calendar helps you manage your time more effectively while also allowing your contacts to self-schedule, saving you valuable time every day.

You simply set up appointment slots, send out a link to your public calendar and anyone can automatically schedule a meeting or showing with you.

You will eliminate back-and-forth scheduling emails, and messages. And, your public calendar is always available when people need to book, cancel, or reschedule.

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Appointment Calendar

Zellim Document Vault

The Zellim Document Vault is built on our encrypted platform. Simply drop any forms or documents in your vault & share them whenever you need to.

All of your data is safely stored and easy to find. Any sensitive material can also be secured using 2-factor authentication for peace of mind.

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Document Vault

Zellim Contacts & Groups

In real estate, you’re always meeting new people and helping them through life-changing decisions.

With Zellim’s Contacts and Groups feature, you can keep track of everyone you meet along the way and safely store all of your important contact information where it can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Zellim lets you organize your clients into groups based on what they’re looking for, making it easier for you to help them find the right home or buyer.

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Contacts & Groups

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