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Zellim Learning is a powerful platform that combines 5+ collaboration and productivity tools in one simple-to-use platform. The result? Less back-and-forth between different links and apps, and far less confusion.

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Zellim Video Conferencing

Zellim is a secure, fully encrypted, US-based platform. Our Video Conferencing tool helps simplify your face-to-face meetings with your remote learning students.

Your Video Conference rooms can be easily accessed utilizing a simple ‘vanity URL’. and no download is required for access. With Zellim you can:

  • Conduct real-time remote testing.
  • Organize & conduct IEPs & 504s with teachers, parents & administrators.
  • Host remote PLC (professional learning community) meetings.

Whether you need a virtual classroom or a one-on-one meeting with an individual student, Zellim is here to help you stay connected.

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Video Conferencing

Zellim Chat

Now more than ever, students are having to become independent problem solvers and self-regulate their learning. But, with Zellim’s Chat Tool teachers can give their students an open line of communication so they can get the help they need when they need it.

Our Chat Tool allows you to:

  • Create numerous channels for each class, teacher cohorts, PLC cohorts & student study teams.
  • Instantly respond and message students, teachers & groups.
  • Instantly share screens, drop & share documents, and record voice messages with students, cohorts, parents, and groups.

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Zellim Voice Channels

The Zellim Voice Channels are part of our Chat feature so you can have voice meetings and share your screen, without having to send your students to a video conference.

Voice Channels are an instant, real-time audio stream, like a walkie talkie but with just the click of your mouse.

With Zellim’s exclusive Voice Channels you can:

  • Have simple, instant group collaboration with fellow teachers.
  • Schedule quick check-ins with students & colleagues.
  • Designate available hours for students to reach teachers for help via Voice Channels.
  • Similar to raising their hand in class, a student can simply click on their mic when they need to speak to the teacher.

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Voice Channels

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Zellim Project Management

Many students are having to adapt to a completely new learning structure and teachers are now having to navigate both in-person and virtual classroom structures at once.

We know that students and teachers need more organization and simplicity in these complicated times and Zellim has the solution.

The Zellim Project Management tool lets you:

  • Easily track student assignments and progress.
  • Assign students to a classroom group where voice channels and chat are automatically set up for easy communication.
  • Track and work on IEP & 504 student files and progress.
  • Create an IEP project and add fellow teachers, psychologists, etc. who’re also working with your student.
  • Track student homework assignments shared with the teacher and parents to observe and communicate as needed.

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Appointment Calendar

With Zellim’s automated Appointment Calendar, your students, their parents, your colleagues, and anyone else you send your link to can auto-schedule appointments and meetings with you, saving you valuable time.

Just set up appointment slots on your calendar and send out your link. no more back-and-forth email, texts, or voicemail. Your students & colleagues can easily see when you’re available.

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Appointment Calendar

Document Vault

The Zellim Document Vault is built on our fully-encrypted platform which will give you and your students peace of mind that all data is safely stored and easy to find.

Simply drop assignments in your vault & share them with your students or any other group you create.

Sensitive material can also be secured using 2 factor authentication.

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Document Vault

Contacts & Groups

Learning and memorizing all of your student’s names and important information is hard enough when you’re face-to-face with them every day! Now, with remote and hybrid learning it’s even trickier.

With Zellim’s Contacts and Groups tool, you can store all of your important student information where it can be easily accessed.

Organize your students into different classroom groups on Zellim and easily share homework universally.

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Contacts & Groups
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