Zellim gives you 5+ powerful collaboration & productivity tools in one simple-to-use platform

Stay connected with your patients and your staff, track patient progress, automate scheduling, and safely store sensitive medical records with Zellim.

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Zellim Video Conferencing

Zellim is a U S based, encrypted platform. Our Video Conferencing feature gives you a safe and private place to meet with patients and colleagues, and conduct staff meetings.

From your Zellim video conference dashboard, you can create multiple meeting rooms, schedule future meetings, start a meeting, and access your recordings, transcriptions, and meeting stats with a simple click of your mouse. To invite participants, just click the copy button under your room name and send your custom ‘vanity URL’ to anyone who wants to meet with you. No download required!

Whether you need to meet with a patient remotely, collaborate with colleagues, or keep your staff up to date… Zellim offers a simple way to connect from anywhere.

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Video Conferencing

Zellim Chat

The pandemic has created huge barriers in communication resulting in decreased productivity. The Zellim Chat tool offers an easy way to communicate with everyone in your practice:

Our Chat Tool allows you to:

  • Create channels for specific groups of colleagues
  • Add selected patients that you want to have easy access to you
  • Instantly message groups, individual patients, and colleagues
  • Drop & share documents and record voice messages
Chat & Voice Channels

Zellim Voice Channels

When it comes to the medical profession, we know that time is crucial. Being able to quickly share information can be life-saving, especially during this global health crisis.

Zellim Voice Channels provide an instant real-time audio stream, like a walkie-talkie but with just a click of a button!

With our exclusive Voice Channels you can:

  • Have simple, instant group collaboration with colleagues
  • Share your screen without having to send participants to video conference
  • Schedule quick check-ins with patients

We know you don’t have time to waste and when it comes to communication tech, there’s nothing faster and more convenient than voice channels.

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Voice Channels

Zellim Project Management

Doctors, PAs, nurses and all other professionals in the medical industry have had to adapt to an over-crowded, highly infectious and chaotic workplace over the past year. Our goal is to provide tools that give you everything you need to free up your valuable time and manage patient care more effectively.

The Zellim Project Management tool allows you to:

  • Easily track patient progress and keep everyone informed
  • Use the project management tool to create a patient profile that will help you treat those in your care more efficiently
  • Communicate with all colleagues and staff on projects via the voice channel and chat that is automatically created when a project is set up

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Project Management

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Zellim Appointment Calendar

How many hours are spent in your practice each week making calls, answering phones, writing and responding to emails, and sending texts to schedule appointments? With Zellim, you can automate scheduling, free up time, and eliminate all the unnecessary busy work!

The Zellim automated Appointment Calendar allows you to set up appointment slots and provide your calendar link to patients and colleagues so they can self-schedule, cancel or reschedule.

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Appointment Calendar

Zellim Document Vault

The Zellim Document Vault is built on our encrypted platform which will give you peace of mind that medical records and any other data will be safely stored and easy-to-find. Sensitive material can also be secured using 2-factor authentication.

Simply drop medical records and patient progress reports in your vault and share them with the colleagues involved in the case. Apply 2-factor security and all colleagues that you grant access to will also need to utilize 2-factor in order to open the file.

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Document Vault

Zellim Contacts & Groups

The pandemic is putting an unprecedented amount of stress and strain on those in the healthcare industry. Now more than ever, you need an easy-to-use software to manage your practice and stay connected with your patients.

Having all contacts stored in one place, accessible to critical tools such as video conference, chat, voice channels, project management and calendars is convenient and will help streamline your workflow process.

With Zellim’s Contacts and Groups tool, you can store all of your important patient and colleague information where it can be easily accessed.

Organize patient categories and professional medical communities into groups on Zellim and easily distribute content or files to everyone with one simple click of your mouse.

For more information about Zellim Healthcare, contact us to schedule a demo today!

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Contacts & Groups

For more information about Zellim Healthcare, contact us to schedule a demo today!