How Zellim can Give You More Free Time

How Zellim can Give You More Free Time

February 26, 2021

You’re probably wondering how Zellim can give you more free time, it’s simple: When you work more productively and communicate efficiently, your work takes less time to get done. Zellim’s all-in-one platform makes it easy to optimize your workflow and significantly shorten your workweek.

Look, most of us are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Whether that means social distancing at the office, or adjusting to the new working-from-home norm. Not to mention those parents who are also helping their kids with remote learning!

It’s not surprising that the pandemic is having an effect on how people work, but it’s also making us lose our weekend rhythm.

Weekends were once dedicated to trips to the mall, museums, movies, hikes, or going to the beach. Then the pandemic hit. 

And suddenly, our much-needed free time and days off started blending into our workdays. 

Before Covid, weekdays were for school and work; weekends were for taking a break. Now, most days just feel the same. If you find yourself waking up every day, grabbing a coffee, and heading straight for your computer… then it’s time for you to reclaim your Saturdays and Sundays. 

Yes, it is harder than it’s ever been to get quiet, uninterrupted time to work from home. And, it’s not much easier in the office, between masks, shields, and being 6ft apart, communication is not as simple as it used to be.  

With Zellim, not only can you be productive again, you can create a workflow that’s so efficient, it’ll add time to your weekend. Here’s how: 

Zellim Boosts Communication

Zellim communication

Just how important is communication? Ineffective communication is costing companies around $11K per employee, every year

When you add the pandemic into the mix, that number is likely higher. But, poor communication is not just costing you money, it’s costing you hours of your life.

Hours that get wasted waiting for people to respond to you or searching for emails that are lost in your inbox. 

The difference between using email versus a chat tool to communicate with your team on projects is similar to paging someone, instead of texting them. It’s just not as effective. 

Chat tools give you instant communication. You can share files and data, tag tasks and people. The best part? There’s no searching through your inbox… Saving you valuable time every single day and giving you more time to get important work done. 

Zellim also has an exclusive Voice Channels feature that helps you communicate 10X more effectively by: 

  • Cutting down on lengthy meetings (or omits them altogether) by using Voice Channels to do quick check-ins throughout the day.
  • Screen Sharing so you can work your way through projects as effectively as if you were working side-by-side but from anywhere.  
  • Automatically setting up Chat & Voice Channels with every project, so you can get straight to work with the people you need to collaborate with. 

Whether you’re working from home, working in-house, or running your own business… Zellim makes it easy to collaborate, no matter where you are. 

Clear Delegation of Tasks

Everyone working together as a team is one of the greatest assets a company can have. But, unclear task assignments coupled with communication barriers will result in a huge waste of everyone’s time and missed deadlines. 

Here’s why using Zellim to manage your projects and tasks helps you get your work done faster Monday-Thursday, and might even free up your Friday altogether: 

  1. It’s hard to get things done if you don’t have a clear definition of what you’re supposed to do. Using the Project Management feature helps to ensure every person working on a project knows their role and responsibilities and has precise details about every aspect of the tasks at hand. 
  2. Zellim’s project feature is highly visual giving managers a simple view of project progress at-a-glance. You will save valuable time reaching out to each other for updates. Zellim was built to be customized for what you need, including options for Treeview, Kanban, Timeline, List, and more. 
  3. With the option to add custom queries, you can make sure that important tasks are at the top of your list. Managers can quickly see which tasks are unassigned and quickly get them assigned. This feature alone will organize your workflow and save time every day. 
  4. Zellim has more productivity and communication tools than any other app including video conferencing, project management, chat & voice channels, appointment calendar, contacts, vault, and more. With everything you need in one place, you save time not having to switch from one app to another.  

Creating a workflow with Zellim could easily free up an extra day. That’s more time reading your book, going for a hike, or watching Netflix.

Sounds pretty good, right? 

Here’s the thing, Zellim also offers a FREE trial. That’s Video Conferencing, Project Management, Chat & Voice Channels, Calendar, and more! So, take back your weekends and sign-up today!