How to Be a Successful Realtor and Still Have Time to Enjoy Life

How to Be a Successful Realtor and Still Have Time...

October 5, 2021

When it comes to being a successful realtor, it’s not just about how much money you make… It’s also about having time to still enjoy life.

In most office jobs you can get away with wasting a bit of time. Whether it’s chatting away with some co-workers or scrolling through your news feed… As long as you’re putting in an honest day of work, you’ll get a paycheck. 


On the other hand, if you’re a realtor and you’re wasting time or struggling to manage your tasks… you’re losing money. How you spend your time, and how effectively you work affects your income. 

And no, this doesn’t mean that you need to put in 80 hours a week to reach your financial goals. It’s 2021, and you have all the tools and resources you need to work smart.

Not only because working more than 40 hours a week leads to high amounts of stress and is proven to lower productivity, but because it’s really about how you spend your time.

Let’s talk about how you can be a successful realtor, and still have time to enjoy a good book on the weekends or even take a long vacation. 

Productivity Methods

Successful realtor

We’ve already established that you’re getting paid purely on your output. So, if you want to get more done in less time, then the time you’re working has to be well spent. 

Here are some basic habits that are proven to increase productivity: 

  • Start your morning taking care of yourself, eat a good breakfast, work out, etc. Rolling out of bed and going straight into your email inbox is setting yourself up for an exhausting/unproductive day.
  • Tackle difficult tasks earlier in the day when your mind is fresh
  • Stick to a regular, but flexible schedule, this helps your brain know when it needs to be in work mode. 
  • Stop multitasking!

Time Blocking

Did you know that multitasking is actually bad for you? Many studies have found that multitasking has negative effects on your brain health.  

Instead try time blocking, which is where you block out time for a single task and give it a proper amount of focus. When you time block your day, it looks something like this:

Time blocking

While this list is just a basic example, creating your own workflow can help you ramp up your productivity. 

Now, let’s move on to marketing, which can take up a lot of time which can be incredibly frustrating.  

Prioritize Lead Generation

If your posts and ads on your social media pages aren’t bringing in home buyers or sellers, then your time and efforts are unproductive. 

Right now, Millennials make up the largest generational group of home buyers. In a recent survey, 70% of millennials are looking to buy their first home in the next year. 

The more you know about your leads, the more you can target them with your marketing. Even doing the smallest amount of research (during your marketing time block of course) can help you tailor your campaign and generate more leads. 

Using Tools Designed for Real Estate 

Even following proven productivity methods, time blocking, and sharpening your marketing campaigns won’t always keep you on task in our ultra-distracting world. 

But, you don’t have to become a mind ninja to stay productive. 

Try using tech that’s designed to help you beat distractions, like Zellim Productivity Suite, which offers 5 different apps in one affordable platform. Not having to switch back-and-forth between your phone and different computer apps to get your work done will help you stay focused.   

Zellim’s platform includes: 

An Automated Appointment Calendar: Set up a number of showing appointment slots on your calendar and let your leads self-schedule in the times that work best for them. Eliminating back-and-forth emails, texts, and phone calls will save you valuable time. 

A Project Management tool: Keep track of the progress with all your listings and showings. Using this tool gives you the ability to review and customize where your clients are in their home buying and selling process.

Contact Management: Keep track of all your leads as they come in, segment them into different groups, and drag & drop them into your project management tool as they progress through the sales cycle. 

Video Conferencing: Have virtual showings and meetings with clients that are as secure as they come. We provide password protection, lobby permissions, and our exclusive second layer of encryption making it virtually impossible for your meeting to be crashed!

Team Chat and Voice Channels: These features give your clients flexible communication options so they can reach you when they need to and you can build a solid relationship that will result in valuable recommendations. 

Document Vault: a secure place for all your important documents and information utilizing 2-factor authentication. 

While you don’t have a team behind you, utilizing these tools will help you perform like you do!

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