Best Project Management Tool for Improving Your Workday

Best Project Management Tool for Improving Your Workday

January 27, 2021

No matter how hectic your workload is, a project management tool can help you be more efficient.

There’s nothing easy about running a business and with thousands of companies having to move their operations online due to the worldwide pandemic, we have had to adapt to Covid restrictions which have created some unprecedented challenges…

And, even if you’re not a business owner, if you’re trying to work in the office while practicing social distancing or working from home during a pandemic, you’re facing an uphill battle.

If you’re still relying on work emails and scribbled out post-it notes, then you’re making life harder for yourself.

What’re the benefits of using a project management tool?

Using a project management tool to create and assign team members to tasks, and set deadlines can turn all the moving pieces of your business into a coherent plan.

You can also customize the status of your project as it progresses, keeping everyone on the same page.

Some of the more advanced project management tools also incorporate communication software to help teams collaborate with ease. Whether you’re a business owner or a professional, anyone who wants to accomplish more every day with less stress will benefit from using a project management app. 

Let’s breakdown the best project management software apps so you can find the right app to improve your workday: 

ClickUp Project Management Tool

Photo of ClickUp

ClickUp is a popular project management tool that has an impressive amount of features. 


ClickUp’s paid version gives you a high-level of customization including multiple views including timeline, dashboard, and list view.

ClickUp offers a free version that includes some customization options and 100MB of storage.

You can also categorize your tasks and set tasks as recurring, allowing you to save time. 


While ClickUp has many features, this also means there’s a higher learning curve. Some team members have reported that it’s difficult to manage all of the features effectively.  

And, for an app that boasts it’s the “one app to replace them, all” ClickUp doesn’t offer other business tools. The UI also leaves something to be desired, from the small, faint colored text that can be difficult to decipher to the empty spaces and panels throughout the app. 


ClickUp pricing starts at $5 mo/user, and they offer a free trial for this paid package. There is also a free version with minimal features and storage. is an easy-to-use project management tool that lets you work more effectively with your team.  


One clear pull factor for is its user-friendly interface. Most users find it easy to begin using the app. They have lots of great features, templates, and customizations. 

The variety of column types and of view types including table, kanban, timeline, Gantt, etc. gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to track and manage almost any type of project or activity.


While many other apps offer a free, but limited version of their project management tool, doesn’t offer a free version. 

Some users are unhappy about the number of advertisements for Youtube and other social media.’s pricing can get expensive, especially for large companies and big teams who need the full-featured version.


There are several plans to choose from: The Basic plan starts at $39/month for 5 users. The Standard plan starts at $49/month for 5 users. The Pro plan starts at $79/month for 5 users. There’s also an Enterprise plan that’s only available when you contact a Monday rep for a quote.  

Asana project management


Asana is a straightforward project management tool that’s great for creating and maintaining categorized task lists and assigning tasks to specific people.


It’s no surprise that one of the reasons Asana is preferred over other apps is they offer a FREE plan. While this free plan doesn’t include all of its useful features, it provides enough for some small business owners. 

Asana makes it easy for anyone to organize their projects and break them down into sub-tasks. Reminders are also sent out to help keep you on track with your project due dates. 


Asana doesn’t have a messaging feature like other apps, even though it has higher-priced plans.  

And, if you’re looking for your team to be able to collaborate on projects together, Asana only allows you to assign a task to one person. While other project management tools make it easier for teams to work together, this app doesn’t function well as a collaboration tool. 

Pricing can be prohibitive for mid-sized to larger companies.


Premium Plan: $10.99/month per user

Business Plan: $24.99/month per user

Enterprise Plan: available only by quote

Zellim Project Management & Productivity Suite

This app is an all-in-one productivity suite that includes a full-featured Project Management tool, Chat and Voice Channels, Video Conferencing, Integrated Calendar, Automated Appointment Calendar, and more. Zellim is packed with powerful features that eliminate the need to pay for multiple business tool subscriptions. 


With Zellim’s project management software your team can share files, feedback, and ideas. You can also assign tasks, get progress updates, and always have a visual picture of everyone’s activities in one collaborative workspace.

Another key feature that sets Zellim apart from other productivity apps is its exclusive Voice Channels

Voice Channels are integrated with Zellim’s Chat tool and allow users to click a button and have real-time audio conversations with team members for quick and easy collaboration. You can turn your Voice Channels on, share your screen and collaborate the same way you would sitting side-by-side or around the conference table. 

Even better, when you create a new project in Zellim’s project management tool, Chat, and Voice Channels are automatically set up for all of the team members assigned to the project. This emphasis on collaboration, organization, integration of tools and ease-of-use is where Zellim shines. 


The app is new to the market so at the moment there are no templates offered, although it looks like templates are being developed and will be made available soon.

Of course, another setback is that there’s not a lot of user feedback at this time. 


FREE trial: Includes all of the features on the app, including Voice Channels and Chat, Project Management, Calendar, Video Conferencing, and Contact Manager. 

Professional: $14.99/month (for all premium features mentioned above)

Business: $24.99/month  (for unlimited use of all premium features mentioned above)


Whether you’re underwhelmed by your current project management tool, or you’ve yet to try using one of these tools, project management apps offer some powerful features that will transform your workday.

Hopefully, this article will help point you in the right direction so you can find what works best for you!