Is Dark Mode Really Better? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Dark Mode Really Better? Here’s What You Need to Know

December 2, 2020

A new look is trending across the internet and giving our devices a contemporary design option. Yes, I am talking about dark mode.

Dark mode is simply a template option that changes the background on your monitor or your phone from bright white to a darker color. 

It’s a basic concept, but the switch has some people raving… Not just because it has an appealing modern aesthetic, but also for other added benefits.  

When it comes to the internet, white screens and black text is as conventional as it gets. But, many users are saying that the darkened background and white text allows your content to pop-out and become the focal point. 

And if you’re wondering if dark mode is the same as night mode, which is available on some mobile devices, the answer is no. 

Night mode is a filter that helps to block some of the blue light your device emits. 

Dark mode, on the other hand, is not a filter, it’s a color scheme.

But, is the hype around dark mode all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out if dark mode is really better:

Darker Colors Reduce Eye Strain

I am sure you already know how uncomfortable a bright white light is when it’s shining in your eyes at night. 

When ambient light is low, your phone’s default white background can be irritating to your eyes. 

While traditional studies have always shown that white backgrounds and dark texts have the highest readability scores…

Recently studies have shown that dark background and white text can make a significant difference in your eye health, especially after long periods of screen time. 

Scientists are currently studying eye conditions that occur from the extended periods of time people spend looking at screens.

Eye issues like:

  • Digital Eye Strain – a syndrome that causes headaches, neck pain, & dry eyes.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome – a syndrome that causes blurred vision, double vision, & itchy eyes.

There’s even a study that shows a significant link between white backgrounds/black text and Myopia (nearsightedness).

The more our lives revolve around screens, the more necessary it is to reduce the strain on our eyes. This is why apps are now implementing options like dark mode and night mode to help maintain eye health in our tech-reliant world.  

Less Blue Light Improves Your Sleep

Zellim PlatformIn the old days, people’s natural sleep and wake cycles (also known as circadian rhythms) were established by the sun. People spent their evenings in dark or dim lighting which signaled the body to produce melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep.

Nowadays, night time is prime screen time, it’s when people Netflix and chill, or scroll their social media feeds. Flooding your evening with brightly lit devices could be contributing to poor sleep. 

Screens give off a Blue light (blue colored wavelengths) which notoriously mess with your body’s natural melatonin production.

It’s not just your sleep that’s being affected, disrupting your circadian rhythms can cause obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Using dark mode in the evening is an easy way to limit the amount of blue light you are exposed to.

Darker Screens Save Battery

Zellim Chat mobileAnother benefit of darker screens is a measurable improvement in battery life performance.

Google recently verified users could save up to 60% of their battery life when they switch their mobile device to a dark theme when using popular apps like YouTube. 

Dark mode fans are not just in it for the health benefits… they’re also thrilled about the energy-saving benefits for their devices.  

Try Dark Mode

Some apps are still getting up to speed when it comes to offering their users a dark mode option, but we’re bound to see more dark modes templates rolling in as apps continue to update their UI designs. Keep in mind, not all dark modes are created equal, but some popular apps have nailed dark mode: 

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Gmail’s inbox: although opening an email in dark mode will still blind you because it will suddenly switch back to the default background.
  • AccuWeather
  • Amazon Kindle app: an eye saver for all the late-night readers.
  • Zellim productivity suite: This app has video conferencing, chat & voice channels, an automated calendar, and a project management tool. The dark mode on this platform reduces both battery drain and migraines for its users.

So, is Dark Mode Really Better? 

While it may go against conventional thinking, dark mode is quickly winning people over with a reputation for fewer headaches and other eye strain symptoms as well as better sleep. Plus, it’s a practical way to maximize the performance of your device. 

There’s plenty of reasons to give dark mode a try… so go ahead, join the dark side. Zellim Dark side